Academic Appeals


An appeal is your way of asking the University to review a recent decision taken by an Examination Board or equivalent body.

You should contact your School in the first instance as it may be able to help you better understand the result or decision you want to appeal against.  If you decide to submit a new appeal, you should use the Stage One appeal form.”

Remember, you can't challenge a mark or a decision because: 

  1. You are unhappy with it, or... 
  2. If you thought you would have achieved a better mark.


The university guide is a great place to start to find out about the stages of an appeal, including grounds for appeal and potential outcomes.

University's guide to academic appeals

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The Students' Union Advice Centre can offer impartial advice and can support you in drafting an appeal and coming along to meetings.

Student's Union advice on academic appeals

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To find out more information on the university's academic appeals procedure, you might want to look at the policy.

Academic appeals procedure

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