Course and University Change


If you're not enjoying your course or it just isn't what you expected, don't panic, we advise you take the following steps and act sooner rather than later.

Use the course finder to choose a course you may wish to join. Once you've found the course you want to join you should contact the Admissions team. In your enquiry you should include;

  • Your Name
  • Student ID number
  • The course you wish to join
  • Your pre-university qualifications
  • Recent course studied and marks achieved so far
  • Why you would like to study the course

If you're accepted onto a new course, you'll need to decide whether to interrupt your studies and pick it up again next year or finish the year on your current course. If you continue on your current course you may be expected to pass the year before transferring to your new course. More information on interruptions can be found below. 

If you're thinking of changing your course or university, it can be helpful to discuss your options with someone. Whether you're concerned about your visa status, Student Finance or just want to have a chat, you can find out more about the support networks available to you below. 

If you are funded by Student Finance, you may also wish to consider the financial implications of changing your course before making a final decision.

Financial implications

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The Careers Service can give advice about the career prospects for your new course. They are located in the Atrium, on the first floor of University Place.

Careers advice

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If you have a Tier 4 visa, changes to your course can affect your visa status. The Student Immigration Team has more information available on their website.

Visa implications

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If you're looking to study at a different university, you may wish to use the UCAS search tool to find a course suitable for you. 

Looking for a new university

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