Looking after yourself in difficult times


During difficult times we can each play a role in helping to look after ourselves and each other. It can be overwhelming, and reactions to uncertainty can include feeling overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry and helpless, but it’s important to remember you’re not alone and the feelings you’re having are completely normal. 

Here you will find a range of resources and articles to help you stay positive and look after your wellbeing during these times.

Resources and printables for you

During difficult times it can be tricky to find a routine and build in time to take care of yourself. Here you will find resources to help you plan your dayweek and monthstay motivated and keep focused.

Daily planner

This planner will help you integrate the six ways to wellbeing into your daily routine.

Weekly planner

Develop a helpful self-care routine for the week, balancing work plans with plenty of daily wellbeing activities with this planner.

Monthly calendar

This calendar contains daily tips to help boost wellbeing. They can be done in order or by picking your favourites - whatever works best for you!

Goal planner

This resource will help you break your goals down into smaller steps and think about how you can make them attainable, working towards your goals rather than away from them, as well as recognising the barriers you might have to reaching your goals.


This infographic will give you some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated. You can also visit this page for even more motivation information.


Find out how to refocus your attention with tips on creating a healthy workspace and mind in this infographic. You can also find out more information about focus on the motivation page.

Our living situations at the moment may mean we might be struggling to adapt to being back at home, experiencing difficulties living in a busy household or noticing feelings of isolation. The resources in this section can support you whatever your current living circumstances.

Feeling socially connected whilst being physically distant

This infographic will give you some ideas of how to look after yourself if you're experiencing feelings of isolation at the moment.

Looking after yourself and establishing boundaries at home

This infographic explores how to cope with feeling overwhelmed if you're in a busy household environment.

Using the six ways to wellbeing at home

This guide will provide you with some ideas of how to incorperate the six ways to wellbeing into your daily at-home routine.

In uncertain times we can struggle to cope with adapting to change and accepting the 'new normal'. Below you will find resources to give you ideas of how to cope with changing circumstances, feelings of stress, encourage a positive mindset and build resilience. Pick and choose whatever works for you.

Gratitude journal

This gratitude journal helps you record three good things about each day and encourage positive thinking.

Action calendar

Every month, Action for Happiness release a new calendar with actions that you can take to improve your wellbeing.

Coping guide written by students for students

This guide has been created by the charity Rethink Mental Health and contains a whole host of ideas to support you through this time using real-life student experiences.

Savouring journal

This savouring journal helps to encourage positive thinking through taking the time to notice and appreciate the good things in life.

Coping with feelings of stress

We've created this page to help you manage feelings of stress with lots of tips and resources. Choose what works for you.

Coping with uncertainty and change

This page will help you to cope with change and feelings of uncertainty, with lots of tips and resources. Have a look to find what works for you.

Financial uncertainty

This page will help you to cope with financial uncertainty during difficult times. 

Building resilience

This page will help you to find different ways of building resilience. See what works for you. 

Resilience journal

This journal will help you to manage difficult situations by working through the four elements of resilience.

Looking after yourself socially

This page will help you to look after yourself socially during uncertain times.


Spotlighted articles

Six ways to wellbeing - ideas you can try

More information about the six ways can be found here.

  • Netflix Party - an interactive way to watch Netflix with your friends online

  • NHS volunteering - you may want to consider becoming a volunteer to help the most vulnerable in society during this time
  • UoM volunteering - the university's voluteering team have put together a page of volunteering ideas for the current situation

  • Headspace app - take a look at the free weathering the storm resource for some calming sessions
  • Calm app - free resources including soothing meditations, sleep stories and practices to find ease.
  • Daily pause - join Action for Happiness with their 8am daily pause

  • Headspace app - the weathering the storm resource has a range of at-home workouts focused on wellbeing
  • UoM Sport - check out UoM Sport's latest offering 

  • Food and Mood - a Mind article discussing the relationshop between food and how it makes us feel