Here at the University of Manchester, we define wellbeing as everything that makes you feel good both physically and mentally.

Life as a student can be busy but by reflecting on your wellbeing you can discover ways to build easy steps into your daily life to improve it; you might even find you are doing some of them already. 

Reflect on your wellbeing

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Evidence shows that there are number of types of activity that improve wellbeing, and we’ve based our six ways to wellbeing framework around these*. The great thing about the six ways is that you don’t have to do all of them – and some activities, such as going on a walk with friends, allow you to do more than one at once. It’s important to find a blend of things that fits with your lifestyle yet stays fresh and varied, keeping you inspired.

Find out more about the six ways to wellbeing

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Wellbeing champions run events in their schools and across the University to improve and raise awareness of wellbeing. Click to find out more.

Find out more about Student Wellbeing Champions

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*The evidence behind these our six ways is summarised in Five ways to wellbeing, a report the UK government’s Foresight programme written by the Centre for Well-being at the New Economics Foundation.