Take Notice



Being mindful of the moment – what’s happening, and how it makes us think and feel – can help us better understand ourselves. When we know how to do this, we can seek out the moments that we value most.

Life moves fast – so hit pause and take a second to appreciate what’s going on, inside and outside.

Everyday actions

Go big

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is about taking time to pause and be in the moment without being judgemental of ourselves and without thinking of the past or looking to the future. Its an effective way to manage stress, and improve your concentration and general health. Benefits of mindfulness meditation can include an increased sense of calmness and relaxation. 

There are workshops right here at the University or apps to help you practice mindfulness meditation in a style that works best for you.

Alternative ideas

If mindfulness meditation isn't for you, you can try to be present in the moment while being active. By applying the same principles of mindfulness meditation outlined above, you can make a walk mindful or activities such as yoga and tai chi lend themselves particularly well to mindfulness. Even listening to music mindfully has many benefits.

If Taking Notice in nature sounds like your thing, why not try gardening? Check out this eco infographic and find out about the opportunities at the university and in the local community to get involved with!