Be Healthy



Taking care of yourself by paying attention to nutrition, hydration, getting enough sleep and looking after your personal safety will benefit your wellbeing.

Taking care of your wellbeing in relation to health is about focusing on the things you can manage and making the choices that work for you.

Everyday actions

Go big

Protective health behaviours

Protective health behaviours can assist both our physical health and mental wellbeing. Evidence suggests that often intentions of implementing protective health behaviours are high, but enacting on these behaviours is low. 

To help with this, take a look at our implementation intentions table which can help break down your health-related intentions and make them achievable and eventually automatic. Examples might include behaviours such as physical activity and a balanced diet.

It’s important to create a healthy balance of behaviours to help maintain our wellbeing. Take a look at this healthy wellbeing balance resource to help you think about how to create this balance through achievement, connections and enjoyment.