Helping, giving, sharing – doing something for someone else has been proven to make us feel more positive and increase our self-worth.

Big or small, actions to improve the lives of others, improves our own. So why not take time to do something kind?

Everyday actions

Go big


We all have the capacity to be kind. Kindness has been shown to have long lasting benefits both for the giver and the receiver (up to two days after the act!).

One way we can see these benefits is by doing something good for someone else, without expecting anything in return. The receiver then goes on to do something kind for another person to repay that behaviour - this is known as ‘paying it forward’. By engaging in a variety of random acts of kindness every day and repaying generous behaviour, we can create a ripple effect of kindness.

Take a look at the links below for ideas of how to start a chain reaction of giving through kindness.

Alternative ideas

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, but you can also find ways to give on a bigger scale. By volunteering and donating you can directly see the impact of your work and also learn new skills along the way. If this is something you wanted to get involved in, explore the links below.