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Students attend Manchester University from all across the country, and many of them commute from home. Each year, commuter students make up 14-18% of the student body, and are valued members of our community. The Commuter Hub is a space where commuter students can find support available to them, useful information about travelling to University, and any exciting events or opportunities coming up.

Commuting from home to university may seem a bit daunting at the start and many students are initially unsure of the possible transport methods to get to uni, so we’d like to give students living at home the opportunity to connect with students in higher years who have been commuting for a while.
This is a great opportunity for newer students to have some support, as travelling far to uni can be stressful, and could open up the potential for having a travel buddy! If you would like to get involved in the Commuter Student Peer Mentoring Scheme, a sign up link will be posted soon!

This year we are introducing a scheme to link students who commute in from the same areas of Manchester to particular university halls of residence. This will provide a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a wider range of students, and attend welcome events and socials hosted at your partner hall of residence. It will also allow students from certain areas to find others who live locally and travel onto and back from campus together.

We also hope to host regular events at the halls, such as coffee mornings and drop in sessions, which linked commuter students would be welcome to attend. Keep an eye out on the Commuter Hub for more information about upcoming events!

We are looking into introducing a commuter student to each flat in a hall of residence as a ‘virtual flatmate’, to allow students who live at home to get a feel for living out, and create friendships with other students.

The flats could have a group chat, host movie nights and cooking dates that the virtual flatmate could attend, and in turn, the flatmate could show the other students around Manchester and explore places the other flatmates may not know about. This would create stronger links in the student community, and allow those from outside of Manchester a deeper insight into this beautiful city!

Dr. Nick Weise - Academic lead for commuter student engagement,
 Hello! My name is Nick and I am a Lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences. As well as teaching chemistry and biology undergraduates, I also look at the university’s provision for students who live at home and commute into campus for lectures, tutorials, seminars and other learning activities. I am always interested to hear about the experiences of commuter students from across the institution so feel free to get in contact via e-mail and hopefully I will see you at the events we will be putting on for you throughout the year.
 Mariyah Aseri - Lead intern for commuter student engagement,
Hiya! My name is Mariyah and I am a 4th year Dental Student and Student Partner Intern working to help improve the university experience for students who commute. I have experience commuting from home as well as living on campus, which has given me first-hand insight into the benefits and struggles of both. I am also a Student Co-ordinator for the Commuter Student Peer Mentoring scheme and am interested in organising more events and opportunities for students living at home in order to create a more inclusive environment and enrich student experience. I am always happy to have a chat - if you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please do get in touch!
             Nick                 Mariyah               
  • Acess to Recreation Grant - Students can claim up to £250 (in advance or after spending) towards University and Union registered recreational activity.

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