BAME Students


The University aims to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students. We recognise that the term BAME can be problematic in terms of putting different groups into the same category, which can obscure the particular challenges faced by the groups that make up BAME. However, we hope the resources here are helpful in addressing some of the unique barriers that BAME students may face.

We know that people from BAME backgrounds may face more barriers when it comes to accessing mental health and wellbeing resources and support. The information on this page can assist in accessing support and looking after your wellbeing.

You can also read about the University's commitment to Equality Diversity and Inclusion here


Mental health stigmas and interpretations, communication, representation and awareness are just some of the barriers faced by BAME students in accessing support. Below are some services that can help to provide support.

The University also works in partnership with the Students' Union to amplify the voice of BAME students, understand their concerns and better support them. An example of that is the SU's Association Chairs, which has an Asian or Asian British Association Chair, a Black, Black British, Caribbean or African Association Chair, a Hispanic/Latino Association Chair and a Multicultural & Diasporan Association Chair.

Members are elected by students to chair their associations, which are groups of students that advocate for different sections of the student body and campaign for their interests. They’re autonomous, which means that they choose their own internal structure and activities, fully supported by the Students' Union. More information is available at:

In addition, the Students' Union has a full-time (Wellbeing and) Liberation Officer, who lobbies behalf of students, meets with senior leaders of the University on a monthly basis and pushes forward liberation campaigns. You can find out more at:


Below you will find a page dedicated to recognising that the BAME wellbeing experience is a different one with tips on how to proactively look after your day to day wellbeing.

BAME wellbeing

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