What if my Student visa application is refused?

You should email our team with a scanned copy of all of the pages of your notice of refusal. We will then be able to advise you on: 

  • Whether we think the refusal is justified. Occasionally, UKVI makes errors and if this is the case it could be possible for you to request an administrative review. This is where your application would be re-checked and if UKVI agreed that a mistake had been made, your visa would be granted. You would need to submit this request within 28 days of receiving your refusal notice. Please note that it can take up to 6 months to process this request so it is usually quicker to submit a new visa application instead of an administrative review. Full details on this procedure can be found on the UKVI website.
  • If the refusal is correct, we will advise you on the reasons you were refused. You may have the option to submit another application but you would require a new CAS to do this. Before we can issue a new CAS we would need to see document evidence that you can meet the requirements of the visa application, it will therefore be necessary for you to email us the require documentation, ie; financial documentation, ATAS or TB Certificate for example - it would be dependent on the reason for your refusal.