What Documents will I Need?

Key Documents:

Guide to completing the overseas Student route visa online application form

Guide to Proving You Meet the UKVI financial evidence requirements

UKVI guide to supporting documents

Document translation guide 

Completing the ATAS application form

Additional guidance for Under 18-year-olds


See our guide to the overseas Student Route (formerly Tier 4) application to help you complete the online form.

IMPORTANT. Please make sure you refer to the information on the documents required on the UKVI website. It is important you also read and refer to the Student Route caseworker guidance when completing your application, as this document sets out the exact requirements for a Student route visa application. UKVI will now accept copies of original documents but you must submit your original passport with your application.

If you do not provide the required documents as part of your visa application UKVI should contact you to request them so you must keep checking the email address that you used in your visa application form in case you are contacted by UKVI.

The visa application process varies from country to country so you need to familiarise yourself with the process in your country of application and confirm whether any documentation, including your passport need to be sent in addition to attending a biometric appointment at a Visa Application Centre. 

Students applying from the US - please read this information on the UKVI website about the visa process

You will also need to include the following with your application:

A current passport or travel document. Your passport only needs to be valid for a few months when you apply for your visa as you can renew it at your Embassy in the UK.

Documents to show you have adequate funds (maintenance) available for your tuition fees and living expenses (unless you are have a differentiation nationality). Read the information on the UKVI website about financial evidence. For universities outside London (including Manchester), you will need to show the following:

Course fees for a maximum of one year of your course (as stated on your CAS)

Living expenses (maintenance) of £1023 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of 9 months (£9207). If your course includes part of a month you will need to include that month in your calculations.

If you use a parent's bank account you must submit additional evidence consisting of a letter of consent from your parent and a copy of your birth certificate (along with a translation if your birth certificate is not in English).

You must read our financial evidence document for information on financial evidence to ensure that your documents will be accepted. This includes more information about what you need to submit in different circumstances.

Previous financial sponsorship

If you have previously studied in the UK and have been fully sponsored for both fees and maintenance by a government or scholarship agency, and have received money from them within the last 12 months, then you need to provide an additional letter of consent from your sponsor. The letter must confirm that they give you unconditional consent to remain in and re-enter the UK for the duration of your course. This letter is required if you have been fully sponsored within the last 12 months even if you are not financially sponsored by them any longer.

If you are applying for a visa to study a degree level programme at an institution which has a track record of compliance (University of Manchester meets this requirement) or you are an exempt national, you do not need to provide copies of the qualification listed in your CAS.

Nationals of some countries do not need to provide evidence of their qualifications or their money when they apply for a Student route visa. UKVI call this the "differentiation agreement".

You will need to refer to the UKVI website to see if your nationality is classed as ‘exempt'. If your country is on this list and you are applying for your visa in the country of your nationality, you are considered to be a differentiation national and will not need to submit educational and financial documentation with your application. However, you will still need to sign a declaration in the Student route visa application form to state that you have the necessary evidence available. It is very important that you still obtain the evidence of your qualifications and your money, even though you do not need to send them. This is because UKVI can request this evidence as part of their decision process and they may refuse your application if you are unable to provide it within a specified timeframe.

If a document is not in English it must be accompanied by a fully certified translation. Please see this translation guide to ensure your translation meets the requirements.

You need to check on the UKVI website if the country you are applying from requires a TB test certificate. This includes details on how to get your TB test certificate in each country.

Some non-EEA students who intend to study in certain science or technology-based subjects are required to obtain a clearance certificate through ATAS before they can apply for a visa or a visa extension. If this applies to you, and you are a new student, details about ATAS will be sent to you by your academic School. The ATAS application is free of charge and can be made up to six months before the start date of your course. See our ATAS application guide to help you complete the online form. Applications can take more than 20 working days to be processed so you should apply early to be sure you have it in time to apply for the visa. 

Parental consent letter or evidence of relationship: If you are under 18 when you make your application you need to include a letter of consent from your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and evidence of your relationship. These documents must meet specific requirements and include specific information to be accepted by UKVI and you must provide both documents. Please read this guide for under 18-year-olds for more information and a template letter.

Unless you are eligible to use the UKVI identuity app on your phone, you will need to enrol your fingerprints and facial image (known as 'biometric information') at a Visa Application Centre. Details on how to do this will be on the Visa Application Centre pages for your specific country. You need to book your biometric appointment through your local Visa Application Centre website along with any additional visa services such as priority or super priority.