Low Risk Nationals 

Nationals of some countries do not need to provide evidence of their qualifications or their money when they apply for a Student route visa. UKVI call this the "differentiation agreement" for "low risk students". 

You will need to refer to the UKVI list of nationals subject to different documentary requirements to see if your nationality is classed as ‘low risk'. If your country is on this list and you are applying for your visa in the country of your nationality, you are considered to be a low risk national and will not need to submit educational and financial documentation with your application. However, you will still need to sign a declaration in the Student route visa application form to state that you have the necessary evidence available. It is very important that you still obtain the evidence of your qualifications and your money, even though you do not need to send them. This is because UKVI can request this evidence as part of their decision process and they will refuse your application if you are unable to provide it within a specified timeframe.

If you have dual nationality and one of your nationalities is low risk, you can only be classed as low risk if you apply from that country using the passport of that nationality. If you apply from a non-low risk country you need to include your financial and educational documents in your Student route visa application.