Credibility Interviews

As part of the Student route visa application process the UKVI may invite you to attend a credibility interview or they may contact you by phone or email to request further evidence from you. 

The interviews are carried out at the Visa Application Centre as part of the appointment where you provide your biometrics (fingerprints). If you are asked to attend an interview you will need to speak to a UKVI officer based in the UK via Skype or Zoom.  The officer will ask you questions, which may include:

-          why you decided to study in the UK

-          what made you choose the University of Manchester

-          the reasons for selecting your course

-          how you are funding your course

-          where you expect to live while you are a student

-          how you chose your accommodation in Manchester

-          your plans for when you have completed your course, e.g. your career aspirations

A report of the interview will be sent to the visa officer who is considering your visa application.  This officer will consider this report along with the supporting documents you submit with your visa application when they make a decision to grant your visa.