A-Z Factsheets

We've compiled a thorough list of resources you can access online or print out, covering everything you need to know about finances at university. It's a great place to start to learn more about the funding available to you, or what to do when you're in need.




Asylum Seekers/Refugees/Humanitarian Protection

Financial information for students who are either Asylum Seekers, Refugees or have been granted Humanitarian Protection.



Information for students wishing to open a bank account.


How to make your money go further by reducing your bills.


Advice and guidance on managing your money.


Information relating to University of Manchester scholarships and bursaries.



Care Leavers

Information for students who have previously experienced local authority care. 

Cost of Living Support Fund

Information on applying to the Cost of Living Support Fund if you find yourself in financial difficulty. 

Council Tax

Information relating to Council Tax for students. 




Who to speak to and where to get help if you find yourself in debt. 

Disabled Students' Allowances

Information for students wishing to apply for financial support to cover essential extra costs that may arise during their studies as a direct result of a disability.



EU Student Funding

Living costs funding opportunities for students from the EU (for Student Finance Tuition Fee Support, please see Student Finance - EU Students).

F, G, H


Health Costs

The cost of healthcare whilst studying at University. 


Information for finding, living and maintaining accommodation whilst studying in Manchester.



International Student Funding

Funding options for international students.

J, K, L, M N


NHS Bursary Funding

Information on the NHS Bursary for students on NHS-commissioned courses. 

O, P


Parents (including Pregnancy) and Carers

An overview of the financial support on offer for students who are parents (including those who are pregnant) or have caring responsibilities.

PGCE Funding

Student Finance information for students considering the PGCE course. 

Postgraduate Funding

Information relating to the sources of funding for a postgraduate degree. 

Q, R, S


Scams and Risks

Useful advice and tips on how to avoid financial disasters. 

The following documents all contain information pertaining to Student Finance England*:


General information relating to Student Finance. 

Discretionary funding/Compelling Personal Reasons

Information for students who are taking an interruption or withdrawal from the University and want to apply for additional/continuing support from Student Finance.  

Change of Circumstances  - Withdrawing/suspending/interrupting and returning

Information on what to do about your Student Finance if you have recently experienced a change of circumstances. 

Complaints and Appeals

Information on how to make a formal complaint or appeal to Student Finance and how to go about this. 

EEA Migrant Workers

Funding information for students who are classified as EEA Migrant Workers. 

EU Students

Information about Student Finance for EU Students.  

Estrangement/Independent student status

Information for students who are estranged from their parents or identify as an independent student. 

Placement/Study Abroad

Information for students who are going on a placement either in the UK or abroad or going to study overseas as part of their course.

Previous Study

Information for UK/EU students who have previously completed or started a different University course and the support that may be available from Student Finance under the Equivalent Level Qualification (ELQ) regulations.

Student Finance and University Bursary Common Issues

An overview of important points to note about Student Finance and University of Manchester bursaries.

T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Travel Costs

This document outlines the range of ways you can travel for less.


The UK Government has confirmed that European Union (EU) students will continue to remain eligible for financial support in the academic years 2019/20 and 2020/21. The details of this announcement can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/eu-student-funding-continued-for-202021.  It has also been confirmed that EU students who have already commenced a course in the UK will continue to receive their funding for the duration of their course.

For the latest statements from the University following the referendum vote, please visit: www.manchester.ac.uk/eu.


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