Manchester Bursary holders



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We know it can be a bit overwhelming when you start University but there is plenty of support, resources and advice for you. 

Here are some services and opportunities available to you. 

There is lots of support in place for you, whether you simply would like someone to talk to, or if you need specific support based on your personal circumstances.

As a Manchester Bursary holder, you are eligible to apply for bespoke volunteering opportunities.  As you may expect, plans for Team Rwanda, our international volunteering programme and our Global Graduates scheme have been impacted on by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find out the most up to date information via the following links. 

You're never far from finding the support for your career or opportunities to seek exciting work experience in the sector you'd like to know more about.

The Living Cost Support Fund is available to assist students in overcoming financial hardship.  The fund is open for applications from students all year round.

Living cost support fund

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If you're considering the University for further study we also offer a number of bursaries each year to support master's courses.

Manchester Master's Bursary

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