Avoiding academic malpractice


With the changes to the nature of exams, as students you may find yourself in unprecedented situations and it’s important to remember the University’s expectations for assessment and exams. As students of the university, we trust you to understand that it is in your best interest to protect the integrity of the assessment of your degrees.


  • The answers you provide must be your own work and by submitting your answers you are confirming that it is your own work.
  • You are expected to complete the exam independently and not confer with anyone during the examination.
  • You must not make copies of any of the test questions (either written or screenshot).
  • You must not share the details of this assessment or share your answers with anyone.
  • You must not approach, ask or pay anyone to help you with this assessment.
  • If you are undertaking a professionally regulated degree programme, you’ll also be bound by their code of conduct.
  • The University has mechanisms in place to detect academic malpractice, including for remote assessments. 
  • There are a range of penalties that could affect your progression on the programme if academic malpractice has occurred.