You're not alone


Qwell provides free, safe and anonymous online mental health support whenever you need it.

There are no waiting lists for support and no referral needed. Access to these platforms is available instantly 24/7. 

Support available includes:

Booked and drop-in chat or messaging with qualified mental health professionals

Self help tools and activities

Community Support (discussion boards and live forums)

Helpful articles from the Qwell team and their community.

How it works


How to join 

Go to to get started today. 

When you sign up, you'll be asked 'which organisation or location are you part of?'. For this you should select Manchester.

The next question asks 'which option applies to you?'. From this list, please select the area of Manchester you're living in. 


Note: If you don't live in the Greater Manchester area during term time. Please follow these instructions instead:

Which organisation or location are you part of: Search for your home location. If this isn't listed, choose Manchester.

Which option applies to you: If your home location is listed, choose your relevant area. If not, and you've selected Manchester for the first question, choose City Centre here.

More details

  • Booked and drop-in chat with qualified mental health professionals is available from: 

    Monday to Friday: 12pm - 10pm 

    Saturday and Sunday 6pm - 10pm

    Outside of these times you can message anytime and advisors will get back to you as soon as they can. More information is available on the Qwell homepage.

  • You might already be signed up to Kooth which is a very similar platform and available for people age 10-25. You can access the same support through this service.