Visa Check-in


Students on a student visa / tier 4 visa must check-in on-campus. This applies to students who are based on-campus.

You are not required to check-in: during reading weeks, exam periods, and breaks between semesters; during any approved absence; during any approved placement / fieldwork off campus.

If you don’check-in, we’ll contact you with a reminder. If you continue to miss check-ins, your visa could be at risk.


PGT students must continue to check-in over the summer period, before their final submission.

From Monday 10 June the check-in locations for these students are:

AMBS Building, Engineering Building A and Alan Gilbert Building.

Open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.


You must check-in twice, in different weeks, during the following 4-week windows:

10 June - 7 July

8 July - 4 August

5 August - 1 September

This is to ensure you now have three equal 4-week windows in which to check-in over the summer period.

Over the summer period, PGT students on student visas must check-in twice a month, in different weeks. You must continue to check-in until your final submission deadline (or extended deadline, if you are granted an extension).

You do not have to check-in during any period of fieldwork or data collection that is approved with your School.

Taking leave / holiday

Up to 14 days: No authorisation required, as long as you meet the check-in requirements.

More than 14 days: You can request an authorised absence for any of the reasons below – contact your School Student Attendance team with leave dates and evidence. If you take this leave without School authorisation, it could impact your current student visa and your eligibility for a graduate route visa (meaning you could only return to the UK on a visitor visa).

Leave reason 

Evidence required (must be in English or with translation)

Seeking urgent medical treatment

Medical letter

Bereavement / funeral

Order of service OR letter from parent / guardian OR death certificate

Family member illness

Letter from parent / family member OR medical letter

Need to renew passport or other official document(s)

Copy of passport or other document to be renewed

Fieldwork or data collection trip

Approval from Ethics Review Manager system

Early submission

You should only submit your final assessment early if you are planning to leave the UK and are happy to return in future on a visitor visa (e.g. for graduation).

Early submission will end your current student visa and make you ineligible for the graduate route visa, due to recent changes in the UK visa system.

Contact your School if you do decide to submit early - you will be exempted from check-ins after submission.

On campus check-ins

Go to any of the three locations above with your student ID card, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

You cannot send someone else to check-in for you - if you cannot come to campus, you must contact your School to register your absence.