Sponsored students


To complete the financial aspect of your registration, the University needs to know who will be paying your tuition fees. A sponsorship letter is required if payment is to be made by a third-party sponsor (e.g. a charity, a commercial organisation or an international organisation).

In the event that all or part of a student's tuition fees is not paid on their behalf by an organisation, authority, or sponsor then the student will become personally liable to pay the tuition fees required to the University.


Third-party Sponsorships

Sponsor letter requirements 

The following information is required in all sponsor letters submitted to the University.

  • Must be addressed to The University of Manchester
  • Must be produced on official company letter headed paper from the sponsoring organisation/embassy and must state clearly contact telephone numbers/email/contact name
  • The full name of the student to be sponsored
  • The title of the student's programme of study
  • The student's year of study or years of study that the sponsorship will apply to
  • A statement that the student's tuition fees (£ amount) or proportion of their fees (£ amount) will be paid upon receipt of an invoice from the University
  • If you have government funding, you should also provide a letter from the appropriate London Embassy
  • VAT number (UK/EU sponsors only)
  • Purchase Order Number (this enables the paying organisation to process the invoice swiftly) All UK council and NHS sponsored students need this before we can add the sponsorship to your account

UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has additional requirements, if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa and you must also meet the Financial Requirements of the UKVI.


Alternatively, your sponsor can use this template to format their Sponsor letter if they wish to do so.


For students that have a valid sponsor letter please use this form to submit your letter.

Please allow 10 working days for the sponsorship to be applied to your account. We will send an email to your University email account if we require further information. 

Please upload your sponsor letter as soon as possible in advance of your registration date to ensure that information has been updated and applied to your account - enabling you to complete financial registration online.



Internal sponsorship (school awards/scholarships)

If you are being sponsored by a research council, University of Manchester scholarship, or School bursary that covers the payment of your tuition fees then your School will be responsible for entering the payment details directly into the student system.


Student Loan Funding

Student Finance (undergraduate loans)

If you are unable to complete step 10 of registration and are receiving funding from Student Finance, please fill out our online form.

Student Finance (postgraduate - Master's or Doctoral loan)

Please follow the steps below if you're intending to pay your tuition fees using a postgraduate loan: 

  1. Login to your University record and complete steps 1 to 9 for registration, leaving step 10 ‘payment of tuition fees' incomplete.
  2. Three working days after completing steps 1 to 9 of registration please login to your University record again, where you should be able to complete the final step 10 of registration by inputting your bank details to pay by Direct Debit. The first payment will be taken on 22nd Nov, by which time you should have received the first instalment of your loan.
  3. The University will then confirm your registration to the Student Loans Company (SLC), who will release the first instalment of your postgraduate loan directly to you within five working days, and ahead of the first tuition fee instalment, due on 22 November 2023. The second and third instalments of your postgraduate loan will be released directly to you by the Student Loan Company to coincide with the due dates for your remaining tuition fees on 7 February 2024 and 8 May 2024.
  4. Please note it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that tuition fees are paid by the due dates shown. Please visit our webpages for information on Paying your fees.
  5. Should you have any queries please contact us using our online enquiry form


ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits for Administration Services) funding

The University accepts ELCAS funding for members of the Armed Forces on many of our programmes. If the programme you are applying for is not listed on the ELCAS web site, please contact us via our online form so that we can upload the programme details for ELCAS approval. Please note that the approval process can take up to a month.

When making an application for ELCAS funding, please quote the University's Learning Provide Number, 1539. Once your application is approved, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) from ELCAS.

Please note that the CAN must state the correct total fee for the relevant academic year. If you have a personal contribution, this must be paid to the University at the time of your registration. Please email the CAN, in advance of your registration date, to the Student Finance team here. Please allow 10 working days for the sponsorship to be applied to your account.  You can view your sponsorship via My Manchester, or please check your University email account as we may require further information.