Self financing students

Paying tuition fees, either yourself or on behalf of someone else, is easy and straightforward. We encourage payment in advance of your arriving at the University at the start of your studies to avoid unnecessary delays or problems transferring funds, especially for overseas payers. Please be aware we DO NOT accept payments in cash for Tuition Fees or Accommodation Licence Fee (Rent).

FRAUD ALERT - beware third parties offering students discounted fees

The University of Manchester has been made aware of fraudulent activity targeting students - where a third party offers to pay a student's fees on their behalf, at a discounted rate. The third party is a fraudster - who uses stolen credit cards to make payments to the University. These card payments will be rejected, leaving fees unpaid. This would result in the student having to pay their fees again directly to the University.

Students should only pay their fees to The University of Manchester using an approved method as explained on these web pages. If you are concerned that you may be the victim of this type of fraud please contact the Student Finance Team by using the online enquiry form or go to: