Late payment

In the event that an instalment is not paid on the agreed payment date, a late payment charge of £25 will be added to the student's account and the student will be advised by an email sent to their University email address. In the event that a student is unable to meet the deadlines for the payment of their fees they must contact Credit Control so that their options including, where appropriate, alternative payment arrangements can be discussed and agreed.

All overdue payments will be referred to, and followed up by, the Credit Control Team (



Where a tuition fee payment remains outstanding beyond the published due date, an indicator will be applied to the student record. At the point at which the indicator is applied, the student will be sent an email to their University of Manchester address to notify them and explain the consequences for them with respect to graduation or re-registration.

Outstanding tuition fee debts accrued by students who have left the University will be referred to an external debt collection agency.


For further information please read the University's Debt Recovery Policy

Credit Control telephone number:  +44 (0)161 275 8130