Undergraduate Access Scholarships

Undergraduate Access Scholarships offer £1,000 per year to students if you meet either of the following criteria:

  • You have successfully applied for a place at The University of Manchester having completed the Manchester Access Programme (MAP - an programme for local Year 12/13 students).
  • You are under the age of 25 and have previously been in public care for a minimum of three months since the age of 11.
  • You are under the age of 25 and have been estranged from your family for at least six months and are studying without the support of a family network.

For MAP students, once you commence your degree course with us, the MAP team send a list of all students eligible for the MAP Scholarship to our team in the Student Services Centre, and then we upload the awards onto your student record. The scholarships may not be uploaded until mid-November, so if you are enquiring about this scholarship please wait until mid-November before contacting the Student Services Centre.

If you are care experienced or estranged from your family and think you may be eligible for the Undergraduate Access Scholarship based on the second/third bullet points, please contact the named contacts for care experienced and estranged students at the university -studentsupport@manchester.ac.uk