Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions related to the Wellbeing Champion role. 


The Wellbeing Champion program offers full training and support to enable undergraduate and postgraduate taught students to engage their peers and staff in their schools with the Six Ways to Wellbeing.

Primarily, as Wellbeing Champions you will distribute promotional materials and organise student-led local events in your school, though there may be opportunities to support the campus-wide and online events linked to the Six Ways to Wellbeing and organised by the Student Communications Team.

Throughout the academic year Wellbeing Champions will be supervised by the Student Wellbeing team.

You will have an opportunity to learn new skills including but not limited to event planning, promotion and delivery; blog-writing and editing, content creation and social meida skills; and networking opportunities with others interested in improving wellbeing across the student community. 

Being a Wellbeing Champion enables you to support students and staff within your school to engage with the university’s Six Ways to Wellbeing so that everyday they can make small changes with a big impact on their ability to live well and feel good.

You will:

1. Promote the Six Ways to Wellbeing across campus / via social media. 

2. Plan, promote and deliver events that centre on a particular “way” or a presentation relating to the Six Ways.

3. Write a blog post or content creation relating to one of the Six Ways.


  • Ideally, these will correspond to the “way” being promoted that month. These are:

* Connect – September/October

* Give – November/December

* Take Notice – January/February

* Be Active – March/April

* Be Healthy – May/June

* Learn and Discover – July/August

  • However if you’d like to plan an activity outside of that month’s “way” (e.g. a “be active” event in November) please just ask!

To an extent, this depends on you. The Wellbeing Champion program is flexible to accommodate the demands of your course. However, there are commitments which we ask you to meet as a minimum. This includes promoting the Six Ways to Wellbeing at strategic points of the year and completing at least one activity from each category; this can include running an event in your school or completing a blog post. The core tasks are not expected to exceed more than 10 hours per semester.

You will be invited to attend a compulsory 2-hour training session. The timing of this will depend on the year and you will updated on this via email after application. This training will include:  This will include:

  • Further discussion of your role and responsibilities
  • Information about the core activities & suggestions
  • Events planning info (including expert advice)
  • The chance to meet each other! 

You’ll be given a Wellbeing Champion Handbook, which includes information about the Six Ways to Wellbeing, your role, writing a blog and events (with examples of event mapping documents). You can also access the Wellbeing Champion website, which includes similar information, as well as links to the relevant documents. You will also be able to access events planning advice from events staff through the Wellbeing Assistants.

You’ll receive regular emails from us throughout the course of the year to update you on activities focused on the Six Ways to Wellbeing. You’ll also be invited to planning meetings to discuss the smaller, local events that are run by the Wellbeing Champions with our support. 

There will be a Central Wellbeing Committee in place this year. This will be a way to directly feedback to your fellow champions in hope to make positive changes to the program or discuss any concerns you may have. 

Principally, activities can be divided into three categories as follows:

  • Promotion – This includes distributing campaigns and marketing materials around your school and on social media. This could relate to the launching of a “way” or an event. This is expected of all Wellbeing Champions throughout the academic year. This year, it is slightly different. You will be expected to promote the Six Ways of Wellbeing at least 6 times throughout the year at the point you can. Due to graudation and stellify deadlines it may only be possible to promote in certain months, therefore, we will only require you to do this in the months that suit you. 
  • Local Events – These are events planned and delivered in schools by Wellbeing Champions with the support of the Student Support and Advice Team.
  • Wellbeing Events – These are wellbeing-wide events planned and delivered by the Student Wellbeing Team but which are supported by Wellbeing Champions.

Your work as a Wellbeing Champion will be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) which can be shared online and free-of-charge with future employers via the Digitary service.

As a Wellbeing Champion you are also eligible to qualify for the step-up-and-lead route for the Stellify Award.

*** Please be aware that although postgraduate students (PG) can become Wellbeing Champions only undergraduate students (UG) are eligible for the Stellify Award. All students are eligible for HEAR accreditation. ***

  • Complete all stages of recruitment, attend meetings and participate in events run by the wellbeing team.
  • Evidence of promotion of wellbeing/events (different content each time) via e.g., reposts on social media, society group chats, emails to schools etc.
  • Organise and run an event 
  • Design and deliver a presentation at a peer support meeting – 10 mins

- Blog post (500 words)

 - IGTV video/Reel – e.g., information/workshop/interview etc. (1-2 mins)

 - IG social media posts – e.g., information/quotes/graphics etc. (2 swipe posts + front cover) and IG stories takeover (doesn’t have to include yourself) (8 -12 stories)

- Newsletter/article/visual art/magazine etc. (500 words)


No. Although both roles are voluntary, your role as a “Student Volunteer” will be managed by the Student Volunteering Team. For this reason, your work as a Wellbeing Champion will not be double-counted.

When opportunites arise to support University-wide events we will cirulate this via email.

Yes. If you prefer to concentrate on local events in school it is still possible to qualify for the HEAR accreditation and Stellify Award. 

You’ll need to provide evidence for your core activities (and if you are working towards the Stellify award, evidence of actively promoting the Six Ways). The Wellbeing Assistants will then update the Online Tracker at the end of each month, so you can see where you’re up to. The evidence forms are slightly different depending on what you are evidencing.

If you need help with an event idea or need any support in relation to your role please contact the Student Wellbeing Team via email: