Developing Your Academic Identity


As a PGR you are undertaking your own research and establishing and developing your identity in academia, this can be a challenging transition to make.

Many PGRs expect to be able to complete all aspects of their research programme straight away from presenting at conferences to publishing and networking. However, doing postgraduate research is a process and progress varies from individual to individual.

It is very common for PGRs to compare themselves to others and to feel like they don’t belong, to feel like a fraud and to feel like they are failing.

These videos talk about imposter syndrome, taking a different approach to ‘failing’ and provide a PGR perspective on what academic identity means to them.


Additional Resources and Guides

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Researchers and PGRs share their top tips on how to shake off imposter syndrome.


One way to establish your academic identity is to make sure your online academic profile is up to date and reflects all that you are involved in. Here are two ideas and guides on how to improve your academic visibility.