Living Cost Support Fund

Whilst the Student Service Centre has suspended its face to face and telephone enquiry service we will continue to accept and assess applications for the Living Cost Support Fund (please note that supporting documents will now need to be emailed to For information on how to apply please see the application section below or email



If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis then we would encourage you to seek assistance from the Living Cost Support Fund. The Fund, which can award both small grants and loans, is open to all students regardless of level of study or nationality. Please note the Fund is NOT available to provide support with tuition fees.

If you are require support with IT equipment issues then please contact the IT support centre at in the first instance.


We recognise that the financial impact of the current crisis will impact on all students, including but not exclusively:

•             Students who rely on part time work to supplement their living expenses, and who are not covered under the Government’s support package.

•             Care leavers and care experienced students

•             Estranged students

•             Students with refugee or asylum seeker status.

•             Students whose sponsors have withdrawn funding, or where payments are delayed as a result of restrictions imposed.

•             International students experiencing difficulties in transferring funds from overseas.

We want as many students as possible to be able to continue with their studies, and the Living Cost Support Fund is available to assist you to overcome financial hardship.


We will endeavour to make a decision on your application as quickly as possible. However, when demand for the Fund is high it can take up to 3 weeks from receipt of supporting documents in order for a decision to be made regarding an application.


You must be registered on a full-time programme of study (or at least 60 credits if part time) to apply. In addition, you must:‌‌

Undergraduate UK/EU

  • Have taken your full entitlement of student loans/NHS Bursary

Postgraduate UK/EU

  • Have taken your full entitlement of student loans (if you are eligible for these)

Undergraduate & Postgraduate International Students

  • No further eligibility criteria 

Architecture Students studying joint course with MMU

  • Home students are only eligible for funding from MMU, please click here to visit their website
  • EU/International students need to contact MMU to enquire about applying for their Access to Learning Fund (hardship fund). If deemed ineligible please email outlining your financial difficulties, applications will not be accepted without prior consent from a member of the funding team
  • All normal eligibility criteria apply, please review the guidelines document


The Living Cost Support Fund for the 2019/20 academic year is available for all students to apply to via a portal on MyManchester. To gain access to the portal please follow the link below.

Start Application for Living Cost Support Fund

If you are struggling with the application form please click the link below for step by step guidance.

Living Cost Support Fund Application Guidance

Assessments and Awards

How much you could get depends on your individual circumstances therefore we cannot let you know if your application will be successful before we assess it, or how much you may be eligible for.

When assessing your application, we calculate awards following the Assessment Guidelines and also consider the following:

Did you fully consider the costs of studying before you started the course and have funding in place? There are amounts we expect you to have available to pay for essential living costs. You can read about these in the Assessment Guidelines.
Have you exhausted all other options of financial support? Are you applying to the fund as a last resort? This includes all statutory funding such as Student Loans and benefits, taking the full cash amount of the Manchester Bursary, interest free student overdrafts, money from family.
Is your available income enough to pay for your essential costs? We calculate your weekly income and weekly expenditure following the Assessment Guidelines.
Is there evidence of ‘lifestyle’ or ‘non-essential’ expenditure on your bank statements? We can use our discretion to reduce awards or even reject applications if there is expenditure such as Sky/Virgin Media TV, holidays, gambling, shopping sprees, large phone bills or expensive single items such as iPods or laptops.

Priority/Non-priority debts

All students regardless of level of study or nationality are encouraged to apply to the Fund if they require financial support as a consequence of COVD-19.

No one is excluded from applying because of existing debts. However, in terms of making our financial assessment we only consider repayments in respect of priority debts. This is where ‘non-repayment [of the debt] would give the creditor the right to deprive the debtor of his/her home, liberty, essential goods or services’. This includes rent/mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, Tax and VAT arrears, essential Hire Purchase goods and gas/electricity arrears. Other types of debt may be included if they are essential to individual circumstances, for example, debts to a childcare provider.

Non priority debt repayments will not be included in the assessment. This includes repayments in respect of  non-secured loans, overdrafts and credit card payments.

If you have questions or problems with the application process, please contact the Student Services Centre via email