Sexual Wellbeing


The sex education system in the UK is still not where it needs to be. With organisations like Sexpression and Brook working tirelessly to fight for more open, honest and safe conversation about sex and wellbeing, we hope that as Student Support we can help contribute to this discourse. 

This page is split into three sections: Sexual Health, Sexual Support and Sexual Empowerment. Each section has a corresponding handbook which contains resources, support pathways, and student testimonials. Through these resources we hope to: 

  • Develop and diversify the attitude towards Sexual Wellbeing at at The University  
  • Highlight the importance of sexual wellbeing for overall wellbeing
  • Increase awareness of sexual wellbeing student-led charities and organisations
  • Increase awareness of university central resources regarding sexual wellbeing

We are aware that conversations around sex, sexuality and sexual health are a privilege in our society. Throughout this campaign, we will acknowledge this and provide support where possible.

Key Advice and Support 

Sexual Health

Here you can find information on Physical Health, Safe Sex and Contraception and Pregnancy Support

"A check up every now and then is a good habit! I went to the Hathersage Centre just behind the uni hospital- it was really easy to book online. When I got there the staff were really friendly, results came very quickly and overall was a fine experience. I think it’s definitely worth doing as you have the assurance that you’re healthy and you won’t pass anything on to other people unknowingly. It gives you more sexual autonomy because you can make more informed choices.”

She/Her: 3rd year student

Sexual Health Handbook


Where can I go: sexual health, contraception, pregnancy

Sex workers

There is support available at the University as well as locally and nationally for student sex workers.