A Friend


If your friend is having a hard time at University or you are concerned about their wellbeing, it is important to look out for them. Sometimes when life throws challenges at us, we need to lean on our friends for support. Know that at The University of Manchester, you don't have to be alone in this. The University's Counselling and Mental Health services, Student Support and Advice Team and the Student's Union Advice Centre all offer confidential help and advice. Also, Student Minds have put together a guide on looking after your friend in times of need. 

We know that looking after a friend can be difficult, don't forget to look after yourself. Have a look at our support services page for a range of routes to support. 

University support services

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During or after a crisis or emergency you can access professional services where you can get advice and support. Click here for a list of services. 

Help in a crisis

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