Police Registration in the UK

Who should register?

Students with certain nationalities are required by law to register with the local police within seven days of arriving in the UK. If you are required to register with the police this condition will be stated on your Student visa vignette or BRP Collection letter. You should check if your nationality requires police registration below and complete this, even if the condition is not included on any of your documents.

Under normal circumstances, you should register with the police or make an appointment to register within seven days of your arrival in the UK, or if you move from another part of the UK, otherwise you could face a large fine or even six months imprisonment; however, please note the information below about delays in obtaining an appointment during the Coronavirus outbreak.

You will need a Confirmation of Registration letter, and if you haven’t received one you need to email ssc@manchester.ac.uk to request one.

You must also update the Police Registration Certificate with relevant changes of circumstance, such as a new address or passport.

Download this Police Registration FAQs if you have any questions and to understand more about the process

Important information about the availability of police registration appointments 

During 2020 & 2021, due to the effects of the Corona Virus pandemic, the availability of Police Registration appointments was severely affected.

If you previously booked an appointment that had to be cancelled, you will need to re-book your appointment through Nineworks and attend your appointment with the police to fulfil your visa conditions.

If the circumstances above effected you and you are leaving or re-entering the UK before attending your police registration appointment, you may wish to carry a copy of this letter in your hand luggage alongside proof of your booked appointment:

Police Registration for International Appointment Letter January 2022

Once you have your police registration certificate -- keep it safe and up to date

It is advisable that you keep your Police Registration Certificate in a safe place, along with your passport and BRP card (if you have one). If you lose it you must report it as soon as possible and get a replacement.

You should book / attend an appointment to inform the police within seven days if you:

  • change your UK address (this can be done at any police station without an appointment if you have a police registration certificate issued by Greater Manchester Police)
  • extend or change your immigration permission (visa)
  • change your place of study
  • obtain a new passport
  • change your name
  • change your marital status

There is no charge for these updates, but remember to take written proof of the change (e.g. a letter from your accommodation provider or University).

Please note that appointments to update a police registration certificate are affected by the same issues in appointment availability as initial appointments.


Book a police registration appointment here - https://gmp.overseasregistrations.uk/

  • Click ‘Create an Account’
  • Click to accept the cookies
  • Enter your Manchester postcode
  • Click the ‘I am not a robot’ box and follow the instructions
  • Fill in your details
  • Click the ‘I am not a robot’ box again
  • Click to agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • You will be required to validate your account within one hour for which you will receive an email
  • Now that you have made an account, you can start the process for booking your appointment


For more information on police registration - Help - Greater Manchester Police Foreign Nationals (overseasregistrations.uk)