Bursaries and Scholarships

On this page you will find links to all the information you need about the Bursaries and Scholarships available to you, depending on the year you started your programme of study. The Bursaries and Scholarships available to you as a student, depending on your eligibility, are: The Manchester Bursary, The Foundation Year Bursary, The Undergraduate Access Scholarship and The Study Abroad/Placement Year Support Package.

Please note we do automatic assessments for all of the following bursaries in the first 6-8 weeks of term and will email you in November if you are eligible for an award. You do not need to apply or provide any further information to us. If you are a continuing student, you will be assessed for the bursary regulations that are in place for your cohort.

Unless otherwise stated all Bursaries and Scholarships are paid as follows:

  • 25% in December
  • 50% in February
  • 25% in April.

If you are a new student starting your course, you can find the correct bursary regulations for your cohort by clicking the link on the left that relates to the year you will be starting your course.

If you are not contacted by December and think you are eligible for a bursary please email our team via the online enquiry form.

If your household income should fall by 15% or more in an academic year you may be able to apply for an in year reassessment with Student Finance to reassess your household income and thus your eligibility for the Manchester Bursary. Please contact your Student Finance provider for further details of this process or contact us for advice via the online enquiry form.

Please note you will not receive your bursary for the relevant academic year if your Student Finance assessment has not been completed by 31st May of that academic year. If you believe you are eligible for a bursary please contact us in advance of this deadline.

Students who change course during their time at the University may change bursary scheme to reflect their change in course.

Please ensure you familirise yourself with the Terms and Conditions of the Manchester Bursary.