Travel Costs

Whether you are travelling by bus, train or plane, this document provides a range of useful tips on how you can do it for less. It also provides information regarding the University's Travel Awards which may help you to fulfil your travel dreams!

Key Information

  • The Stagecoach Unirider allows students to travel around Manchester on Stagecoach or Magic Buses for cheaper! The System One travel card offers options covering all bus services in Greater Manchester.
  • The 16-25 RailCard can reduce standard rail fare by up to a third. You can get the form for this stamped at the Student Services Centre.
  • For students wishing to travel as part of your course or during University vacations, the University offers three travel awards however you only need to make one application in order to be considered for the Zochonis Special Enterprise Fund, the H.E. David Scholarship, or the Pawel Koprowski Award.