Student Finance - Change of Circumstances - Withdrawing/suspending/interrupting and returning 

If you need to change your course, interrupt or withdraw from your studies, this document explains the processes involved from a Student Finance perspective. It also outlines the options for funding yourself during time away from the University and what happens when you return. Additionally if you have a change in circumstances not related to your course (i.e. your household income has dropped by 15% or more), this document explains how you can reapply to Student Finance based on your current year household income.

Key Information

  • Although the Student Services Centre will automatically inform Student Finance if you have a change of circumstances e.g. you withdraw, interrupt/suspend or transfer to another course/University, you should also inform Student Finance yourself.
  • If you withdraw/interrupt/suspend your studies Student Finance will calculate your financial entitlement from the date you left the course and will reassess this accordingly.
  • If you have received funding which exceeds the number of days you have been in attendance (or perhaps took a retrospective interruption), Student Finance will ask for this back.
  • Not funded by student finance? Contact the Student Finance Team by using the online enquiry form to further discuss your situation.