Modular/Distance Learning fees


There are two types of Distance Learning student:

  • those that study on a programme where the fees are charged on an annual fee basis

  • those that study on a modular basis (ie by course unit) - where the fees are collected at the time the module is selected.


Students studying off-campus - on an annual fee basis

Your fees will be displayed on your student record when you register. Fees can be paid in full, on-line, using a debit/credit card or you can provide a sponsor letter (email to: 

  • Students based in the UK (with a UK bank account) - can if you wish pay in three equal instalments. You would need to pay the first intalment on-line, during Registration, and then complete the Direct Debit instruction on-line to complete your Registration.

  • Student based overseas (with no-UK bank account) - can also pay in three instalments. You would need to pay the first third of your fees on-line, during Registration, using a debit/credit card and then email your proof of payment to: or telephone Credit Control on +44 (0)161 275 8130., who can then provide you with the date of your next 2 instalments.


Students studying by course unit (Modular students)

If you are on a programme where the fees are charged by course unit (module) you will need to select your course modules first. This will provide a record of how many units you are studying. The method by which course units/modules are added to your record varies from School to School and the information should be sent to you directly from them. In most cases you should be able to add the unit/modules yourself on line.               

Once your selection has been made you can then pay your tuition fees. If you have any queries regarding the selection of modules, or disagree with the amount of fees that is displayed, please contact your School.

Modular students have the facility to pay tuition fees in instalments - however this cannot be done on-line. You should instead pay the first third of your fees on-line using a debit/credit card and then complete the Instalment Agreement form below and email it to the Credit Control department at: 

              Instalment Agreement


Student card collection

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service at the moment.