Examination boards

Examination boards are in place for all Programmes - they are where assessment outcomes, progression and degree classifications for graduating cohorts are discussed and approved. In addition, they ensure fair treatment of all students.

Exam boards operate a process of 'mitigation' every year, taking into account individual situations which might have impacted a student’s performance in assessments. We are adding a further layer of support this year, as we understand the levels of disruption and uncertainty caused by coronavirus. The steps below will be taken to manage any impact of coronavirus on all students' performance, so you will not need to submit an individual mitigating circumstances claim unless illness or other personal circumstances further impact your exams or assessments.

  • The Unit Lead and Internal Moderators will compare the whole cohort with units from previous, unaffected years to see if the units have been impacted and will report this to the Examination Board.
  • An independent External Examiner together with the exam board will review this process, enabling comparison across whole programmes and cohort levels.
  • The Examination Board will action the decisions of the Mitigating Circumstances Panels, who have made recommendations regarding programmes and whole cohorts or individual requests for mitigating circumstances.
  • Following the School Examination Board, there will be an additional Faculty Examination Board. At this Board, there will be a further check on individual modules and consideration given to student performance.
  • The final stage of the process is a review at a University Examination Board. This reviews the work of the Faculty Examination Board and ensures comparability in student performance across the Faculties within the University.

In addition, for assessments undertaken from January 2021 until the end of the 2020/21 academic year, we are implementing a new Assessment Pledge to support students. For further details, please see the Assessment Pledge FAQs.

How assessments and exams are marked

During these difficult times we're doing all we can to support you with your studies - from online learning and virtual academic advising, to adapting our assessments. Our assessment processes are designed to help you succeed and protect the academic standards of your degree.

This video explains how your work is assessed and marked: