Key information

Start with the basics, working out your outgoings and incomings and then look at different techniques of managing your finances. 

  1. Create a budget using the budget planner linked here.
  2. Take out your budgeted cash at the beginning of the week and then don't use your card again.
  3. Understand how much money/loan you are entitled to and request what is necessary.
  4. Look for part-time work in Manchester to top up your income.
  5. Do one big shop per week, rather than many small ones.
  6. Buy in bulk.
  7. Shop around for the cheapest text books. You may wish to wait until the beginning of the course, so you get the correct ones.
  8. Reduce your bills by saving energy around the house.
  9. If you are going out, drink before hand, or at a cheaper place before the event.
  10. Make packed lunches, instead of eating out all the time.


Get more information specifically for international students here.

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert has plenty of information to help you budget.

If you'd prefer to use an app, financial education software, Blackbullion, or Fudget  will help you develop budgeting skills.

Get more general information on budgeting here.