Student Finance - Discretionary Funding   

This document explains the process for appliying for additional support from Student Finance if you have Compelling Personal Reasons for going beyond the usual funding of your course duration plus a gift year. It explains what Student Finance need to know and how to apply for this extra funding.

Key Information

  • If you have taken an interruption, suspension or previous withdrawal and are awarded discretional funding from Student Finance, your eligibility to receive future funding will not be affected by their Previous Study rule.
  • Funding received on the grounds of Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR) is usually for a full academic year whereas Discretionary funding is funding for part of a year.
  • To apply for funding due to Compelling Personal Reasons, you must send a cover letter to Student Finance, including your details, outlining your reasons and evidence of your financial situation, explaining how your circumstances affected your ability to study at the time.
  • For advice and assistance relating to Compelling Personal Reasons and Discretionary funding please contact the Student Union Advice Service