International Student Funding

This document outlines the costs you will need to consider as an international student studying in Manchester and the various options for funding your studies whether this is through self-funding or University/external support. It also provides advice on what to do if something unexpected happens despite your best laid plans.

Key Information

  • The costs you will need to consider before starting a qualification at Manchester are primarily tuition fees and your living costs.
  • If you want to pay your fees in instalments, you will need to open a UK bank account and set up a direct debit. There is no other way to pay in instalments.
  • There are many options for funding your degree whilst at University. Lots of students self-fund their studies through a combination of part-time work and savings. The careers service can also help you find part-time work whilst you study.
  • Alternative sources of funding include, Grants, Studentships, Teaching Assistant Employment and Sponsorships.