Student Finance - EEA Migrant Workers 

Information for students from EEA countries who wish to apply for EEA Migrant Worker staus from Student Finance, the necessary ongoing criteria and how to apply.

Key Information

  • An EEA Migrant Worker is a non-UK EEA national or a Swiss national in the UK who is (or was in certain circumstances) in the UK for the purpose of work.
  • You must have been resident in the UK on the 1st day of the 1st academic year of the course (first day = 1st September).
  • EEA Migrant Workers may be eligible to receive tuition and living cost support from Student Finance – subject to household income.
  • If you qualify for this funding, it is important that you continue to work while you are studying or you may lose your status and therefore funding.

EU Referendum (Brexit)

The UK Government has confirmed that European Union (EU) students will continue to remain eligible for financial support in the academic years 2019/20 and 2020/21. The details of this announcement can be found at:  It has also been confirmed that EU students who have already commenced a course in the UK will continue to receive their funding for the duration of their course.

For the latest statements from the University regarding the referendum and what it means for current and prospective staff and students, please visit: