Council Tax 

This document outlines the basics of Council Tax, how much you will need to pay (if anything), how to inform your local council that you are a student and also answers some frequently asked questions. 


Key Information

Council Tax is a system of taxation on your property made by the government. This pays for local services such as waste collection, street lighting, police and fire services and road maintenance.

As a full time student, you will usually not have to pay council tax. However there are regulations surrounding who you live with which may mean that there is a charge on the property. 

How to get your Council Tax exemption

Getting Council Tax exemption as a student is not an automatic process. You will need to register as a student with your local council.

This process is now completed online, please read this update from Manchester City Council:

Manchester City Council Tax Update

Students living within the Manchester City Council catchment area

Students living in the following postcodes will fall within the jurisdiction of Manchester City Council:


For students living in these areas, we have an arrangement with the Council that enables us to let them know which of our students are living under their jurisdiction.

You will need to make sure that your address details are up-to-date in MyManchester and register with the council on their website. 

Students who do not live in a Manchester City Council area

If you do not live in an area under the jurisdiction of Manchester City Council, you will need to register as a student with your local council.

When you complete your University registration, we will automatically send you an email to your University email address with a 'confirmation of registration' letter in PDF format. Students who are studying on a full-time basis can use this letter as evidence to support a claim for a council tax exemption or discount. This can usually be emailed to your local council. 

If you have not received your confirmation of registration letter within 4 weeks of completing registration for the academic year, please use our online enquiry form to request one.

Students living in Tameside

If you live in Tameside, you will need to fill out an online form on the Tameside Council website as soon as possible after you have finished University registration. 

Council Tax Exemption Leaflet

Please read the Council Tax information leaflet carefully as it answers the majority of queries that we receive on council tax exemption. The leaflet also provides details of advice and support if you are experiencing problems with council tax.