This document provides advice and guidance on how to split your utility bills equally in in your household and tips on ensuring that you are not charged for the previous or next tenants and also gives you some advice on getting the best deal from your provider. 

It also gives tips about how to save money on broadband, mobile phones and books - with a special mention for cashback websites.

We have dedicated seperate factsheets to Council Tax and Housing as these are such complex areas - please visit our Money Advice A-Z homepage for further information.


Key Information

  • The main bills to consider are electricity, water, gas, broadband and a TV licence. To avoid arguments, split the responsibility to pay the bills amongst your house mates.
  • If you have any meters in your house for measuring electricity, water or gas note down the numbers and send it to your supplier/landlord on the first and last day of your tenancy.
  • Ensure you get best deal from your provider - although in the case of water rates and your TV licence, you do not have a choice of provider however there are ways you can reduce or split these costs.