Immigration Health Charge

If you are applying for immigration permission (visa) for more than six months you must pay an additional fee to entitle you to free health care under the National Health Service; Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). From 8th January 2019 the charge will increase to £300 for each student (or £150 per 6 months of leave) and £300 for each dependant for each year for the duration of your immigration permission (visa) and NOT just the length of your programme.

For example, if you are planning on studying a 12 month Master’s degree, the actual length of your Tier 4 visa is 18 months because you will receive a visa for six months after your course end date due to the pilot scheme. Therefore you would be charged £600 for two years.

You pay the charge as part of the Tier 4 application process and the form will calculate how much you need to pay based on the information in your CAS. 

You are required by the UKVI to pay the charge even if you have private medical insurance.

Incorrect IHS calculation

If the application form incorrectly calculates your IHS you will still need to make the required payment and complete the application. One of two processes will then occur;

If the amount calculated is more than you should pay – you will be automatically be refunded the overpayment back to the account or card the payment was original made from. You do not need to do anything for the refund to occur it is an automatic process once a decision has been made on your application.

If the amount calculated is less than you should pay – once your application reaches a caseworker they will email you with a web link to make a top up payment for your IHS – you need to click on this link and pay the remaining balance. The caseworker will then complete the application once the payment is received. Please ensure you check your emails frequently.


For further information about the immigration health charge visit the UKVI website.