Non-standard fees


Year Abroad/Year in Industry 

 Home/EU students (on the £9,250 fee rate)

  Fee Due
     Full year study abroad or Erasmus work placement   £1,385
     Full year industrial placement   £1,850

     Half study and half work


 Home/EU students (on the £9,000 fee rate)  
     Full year study abroad or Erasmus work placement   £1,350

     Full year industrial placement           


     Half study and half work

 International students  
     Full year study abroad or work placement   50% of the appropriate tuition fee due


Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

A charge of £20 per 10 credits APL exemption or a charge of £30 per 15 credits APL exemption will be levied by the University depending on the programme of study.

Staff Discounts (tuition fee remission)

You must have a contract of employment with The University of Manchester. No qualifying period required. Teaching assistant, honorary staff and part-time temporary staff do not qualify. In order for an application to be processed a Staff Tuition Fee Remission Form must be completed.

Undergraduate part-time study
 50% of the total fee will be waived.
Postgraduate study
 50% of the fee will be waived. The programme must form part of the staff member's professional development as confirmed by the head of the employing School/Office.

The remaining 50% of the tuition fees can be paid personally. Alternately, the School/area of employment may agree to pay the fee - in which case the School should assign a School Award to the tuition fees. 

If you continue your studies but leave The University of Manchester you will be liable for the full cost of fees from the date you leave.  There will be no fee remission for children, spouses or civil partners of members of staff.

Submission Pending Fee

All postgraduate students who have not submitted their thesis within the prescribed period of the programme will be required to register for the Submission Pending period of twelve months and pay a fee of £225.


There is no reduction in tuition fees for postgraduate students who undertake a period away from the University on fieldwork.

Joint-Award PhD

A minimum requirement for Joint Award fee payments to The University of Manchester is 70% of the full tuiiton fee for the period of the programme. Any requirements for fee payments to the collaborating institution(s) should be determed by the collaborating institution.

Split-Site PhD

Students registering for a PhD on a Split-Site basis will be charged 70% of the appropriate full time tuition fee due. However, if a student spends a whole academic year at the University of Manchester then the full fee will be charged.

Higher Doctorate/PhD by Published Work

For details of eligibility for the Higher Doctorate please see Ordinances and Regulations: Higher Doctorates. The fee is:

2017/18:   £1,200.00
2016/17:   £1,180.00
2015/16:   £1,160.00