EU Referendum

Following the UK's decision to leave the European Union, and the subsequent political discussions, you may be feeling uncertain about what Brexit will mean for you as a student of The University of Manchester.

Negotiations for the UK to leave the EU are ongoing and while there is some uncertainty, we will continually update this page with the most recent information, including the University's own policies and and responses to the EU referendum decision, as well as official guidance about funding, immigration and other aspects of your student life.

If you are currently on placement in Europe under the Erasmus+ scheme, you will receive direct communications from the International Programmes Office.

Universities UK has released to following guidance:

You belong here

The University of Manchester is a global institution that welcomes diversity.

We’re part of Manchester, a cosmopolitan, diverse, vibrant and friendly city. And we know from our history that world-class scholarship and research require the engagement and exchange of people and ideas.

Following the triggering of Article 50, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell said:

“Our top priority is to support our staff, students and collaborators who are likely to be affected in different ways by the referendum outcome. It is particularly important at this time that we continue to support our current colleagues and students and welcome new ones from Europe and other continents, and show them how much they are valued.”

It’s crucial that we continue to welcome and support our staff and students of all nationalities. This is particularly important in light of some reports, across the country, of harassment or abuse towards individuals, particularly those from outside the UK, or who are believed to be from outside the UK.

Bullying, harassment, and discrimination are never OK. No-one on our campus or in our surrounding communities should be treated badly. We won’t tolerate any kind of abuse or intolerance in our community.

If you experience or witness any incident of this kind on campus, you can report it anonymously or get support from an adviser:

Report and Support form